Leona Lewis Buss Out Bigtime! Congrats!

Leona Lewis performing during week 4 of the X-Factor.

Bwoy, I went to bed after 3:00am and I am up already! No rest for the wicked, I suppose… Anyway, since I was up, I thought I would check on my blogs a bit… I will try to get some more shuteye a little later, because today is going to be interesting. I have two airport pickups (one @ 01:45pm and one @ 08:00pm) and I am going to ride a Wave Runner @ 04:00pm. The day is looking pretty active already!

Anyway, I read something interesting over by Chief Lymer this morning still! Apparently they have a competition called “X-Factor” over in Britain which it seems is something like “American Idol”. Chief Lymer mentioned in her blog post that Leona Lewis, who won the X-Factor competition, made Mariah Carey sound like a failed backup singer… well, that is simply not possible, so I knew this was just an exaggeration, but I decided to see if I could find anything on Leona Lewis on the ‘Net, see if I could hear her sing… Boy, did I!?

She can sing! Whew! šŸ˜® šŸ™‚

Leona Lewis won the “X-Factor” competition on December 16th and by the Christmas Eve, the song she won with was number one! Now that is success for you! Go to her MySpace site to hear her sing “A Moment Like This”. If you want more info on her, go here
Chief Lymer shouldn’t diss Mariah like that though…. šŸ˜

Since we are on the subject of music, Natty & I took MBJr. to see “Happy Feet” yesterday… it was excellent, way better than I had expected, and there is a ton of music in the show… good music. I bet they are selling a soundtrack album too… I must check it out. Anyway, the movie “Happy Feet” is ‘Mad Bull Recommended’, my peeps! Do go and see it, even if you aren’t taking along a picney. Its great! šŸ™‚

Hey, there are probably a couple of new posts here since the last time y’all dropped by, so give them a gander, ok? There has also been some activity at The Mad Bull’s Blog, and there is a new cute, cuddly puppy picture (see the picture link over on the lefthand side of the blogpage…) to give a gander to everyday over by the Tower of Babel, and today, there is not just one puppy pic but fourteen! Start the year off right by sifting through everything… thats my suggestion. šŸ™‚

Peace and love…


3 Responses to “Leona Lewis Buss Out Bigtime! Congrats!”

  1. Mighty Afroditee Says:

    OK – This blog jumping busness is messing up my equilibrium. I prefer to check them manually (insert pout / vex face here).

    BTW – Now that I have finished my rant, Happy New Year. Have been trying to get to Happy Feet, but can’t get there yet. It is once again on my to do list.


  2. Ok… Hey, if any of the rest of you feel same way, let a breddah know nuh? Cho. Comment and mek me know how you feel. Afro, thanks for the comment. I was starting to think that everyone else but me hated either Leona or me, and lets face it, with a voice like Leona’s, I suspect I know who would run second in a popularity contest. šŸ™‚

  3. Hey,
    Leona is so brittlant its unbelivable here voice is like a pro.
    i wish all the best for you and your next comming avent

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