Cat Dog

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Yow, if you push a man gate and are walking in and suddenly you just see a dog looking like that one above just sit up and look at you, you wouldn’t start fret instantly? It looks sort of dangerous, doesn’t it? That, ladies and gentlemen is a Catahoula Bulldog. A guy I know (the owner of the Guilt Trip) told me that he had a couple of these dogs. At the time I had never heard of them before. I didn’t think much of it then, but now I am wondering if him cyah gimmi a puppy! πŸ˜€
Of course, then I’d have to figure out how to smuggle it into the country. I bet its one of those they block from entering… (* kisses teeth *)


12 Responses to “Cat Dog”

  1. you admit to knowing the owner of guilt trip? you’re a fag

  2. Ahh, yuk… (* shakes head *). Based on what you wrote, you sound like you are stupid, so I forgive you.

  3. Could you actually be suggesting that the owner of GUILT TRIP ( THE PLACE LOCATED ACROSS FROM BURGER KING IN LIGUANEA) is NOT one of the most PUBLIC HOMOSEXUALS in Kingston??

    You must be talking about a different GUILT TRIP. But if not, you’re a FAG!

  4. Yuk, you are right. He is gay. I am right also. You are stupid. I forgive you.

  5. Great one Bro!

  6. you admit to hanging out with gays?

  7. Yuk, yes, I have hung out with gays. I have also hung out with straights, so what? Grow up, my yute, they are all around you. You are probably hanging out with some yourself and you don’t even know it. I guess that would make you a fag too, huh?

  8. Bloodcleat!

    (Good laugh before hitting the shower and having some food and lika for the New Year’s Eve!)

    I guess if it continues like this I will need to hit El Toro Loco more frequently in’07!

    BTW, Happy New Year 7!

  9. u 2 doc! hope you all have a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! Even u yuk!!! btw – i admit to hanging out with gays 2- let me give u a little clue: they’re people just like u and me – nothing for u to be afraid of…

  10. you hang out with gays….okay…thats all i needed to know…faggot

  11. @yuk – fascist homophobic pig!

  12. Yuk, I notice you are hanging out at my website too, and yet you think I am gay? Wah mek? You can’t help yourself, huh? You just can’t resist hanging out with “gays”! You’re obviously a faggot too. Faggot!


    Anyways… Have a Happy New Year, Yuk, I hope you start to be true to your real, deeply hidden, innermost emotions this year and that you finally find peace.

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