The Early Bird


Here is a picture of the first cruise ship of the day here in Grand Cayman. You might have to look pretty hard, I know. Thats because the picture was snapped using the Cayman Compass’ webcam mounted down by the harbour in George Town.

So, has the Christmas spirit held on to you yet? I sort of have it, but then again, not really, because I am going to be here in Grand Cayman this Christmas and not in Jamaica with my family and lifelong bredrins. There is nothing like having those you love near for Christmas… plus, if I was in Jamaica over the Christmas, I’d get to go to Frenchmen’s New Year’s Day party! 😀

You know what my perfect Christmas gift would be? Well, I actually have two in mind. First, it would be irie if some family or close friends visited us here in Grand Cayman for Christmas. If not family, then if people like Doctor D or Sheggy. That would be cool…

Another real cool present would be three tickets to Jamaica for the 30th Dec – 2nd Jan, plus two tickets to the Frenchmen party would be IRIE!!!!

Since the first present is very unlikely, oonoo doh waan put together and get me the second gift? Please… pretty please… with sugar on it???


3 Responses to “The Early Bird”

  1. That pic’s nice — no people in it to throw off de mood it creates.

  2. MB, mek up yu mind. Those 2 gifts should like they would amount to the same in terms of $$$. Can’t have your cake and eat it.

  3. CD, it IS one or the other… you choose.

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