The Mad White Jamaican


Natty brought to my attention this yute pon Youtube who calls himself the “Crazy White Jamaican”. I quite like him. The first video that I watched, he was talking about how people from “foreign” * always stereotype Jamaicans to be black, rastafarian weed smoking, drug dealing ne’er-do-wells and how when they come upon a Jamaican who doesn’t fit that mold, they immediately assume that the person can’t really be Jamaican! I know exactly where he is coming from on that one, star! If you want to watch that movie, follow this link, but let me advise you to stay with the movie past the beginning, zeen? Its a little slow at the beginning but it gets better!

Then I saw this one, called “Jamaican Idol! This one was wikid, make sure oonoo go watch it. It shows the same yute trying out for American Idol as a dancehall DJ. Check it out!

When you see a little red “*” beside a link, its not a “real” link, but if you hover the mouse over it, you will get a definition of the word that looks like a link, zeen? Cool.


16 Responses to “The Mad White Jamaican”

  1. How do you get different colours on your fonts or change fonts for that matter? I’ve never been able to do that since I’m on wordpress.

    The links were entertaining, especially the first one. He talks a whole lot of truth.

  2. oh man that guy is hilarious

  3. Gela Words Says:

    Gosh that guy is funny.

  4. Man, I know how he feels. I am white and Jamaican. Years ago I found that I could not rent a car in Miami over the phone because of my accent and the stereotyping of all Jamaicans as ginnals.

  5. hey White Jamaican

  6. are you online right now The Crazy White Jamaican?

  7. hey White Jamaican big it up me White freind

  8. Seeen! Tanks fi dat, iyah! I loved it!

  9. him alright still…but sometimes mi have to think if him head gone…lol

  10. There are also other races in Jamaica,motto, out of many, one people, which includes, East Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, of which I am Indian.Therefore, it shouldnt seem weird that ur Jamaican and white,some people r just ignorant.

  11. Jamaican whites, or white jamiacans….they are all doomed….remember the little town of seaford on the west coast???? didnt the 95% ethnic german population die out some 50 years ago due to inbreeding??? lol you guys are as pathetic as the whites in south africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. tutr7u!!!

    wrong information! Well, di truth is, dat nuff Germaicans married cousins and cousin. A large number of Germaicans did move to Canada and USA in the 1940 s. Who do u mean wid guys? Bwoy u start di War! Before u start fi chat such a bloodclaat u should check it if is true or not! Right now mi bex!

  13. LL Blu Jay Says:

    You shoud move to Grenada, you’ll be treated much better there than in Jamaica, by the way Genada also has Rastafarians.

  14. And any white person who was born in jamaica who speaks jamaican cause thats where they was born shouldnt be upset because people are shocked at the way thyey sound OK.

    yes it is weird cause jamaica is a black country or should i say was.
    Being white and sounding jamaican is not the social norm in that country.
    so sorry but when i see white, chinese and indians people who speak jamaican talk it makes me laugh.

  15. lightskinblackjamaicangirl Says:

    i lived in jamaica st catherine almost my whole life i dont remeber seeing white jamaicans.but if u want to be treated as a jamaican and this really pisses me off people tend to wear jamaican clothes i know u want to represent your country but people who tend to do this are not even from the country if u r jamaican say your jamaican dont wear a jamaican top its juss fake and some ppl take it too far i’m a proud jamaican i will wear the clohthes sometimes but not EVERYDAY people who are from jamaica they dont wear those clothes alot they kno there jamaican the dont need to wear clothes to prove they are jamaican

  16. I am sooooooo subcribed to his channel on youtube. That guy is awesome

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