Lime on South Church St.

Most colourful costume!

So Natty and I went downtown last night. They had a teen fete down there (as part of the Pirate’s Week Festival) and Shoma’s daughter wanted to go and so we were roped in to entertain Shoma. It was pretty decent! I was surprised. Not only was there this teen fete, but they had a band on a stage set up at the bottom of Cardinal Street, the whole place was lit up, people were out in their numbers, etc. The band was out of Trinidad, its named Kes and the Band. They were pretty good, playing soca, dancehall, R&B and Rap. The street and all the streets leading into it were blocked off and they had a bar in the middle of the street. People were walking up and down along the street, getting drinks, chatting to friends, peoplesurfing, stopping in at Breezes, standing against the fecne right beside the harbour and looking down into the sea. Rass, bwoy, you wouldn’t believe how much you could see… the water was really clear!

The Rum Mobile! My kind of vehicle!

The whole scene reminded me of South Beach or Ybor City, though there would have had to have been more bars and cafes and more live entertainment for it to fully have been like that. You know, I think they should try to set that sort of thing up down there for real! The Gov’t. here is joking with this liquor license thing, man! Free the place up, let there be more bars and cafes and small places with live entertainment and dancing along that strip of road! Have the street come alive like that, not just two or so nights a year but every night of the year! I am sure that it would be a boost for tourism! Trust me, the tourists love it! I know, I was chatting to some last night! Keep the shops open! Keep the restaurants open! Let there be dancing in the streets!

Come to think of it, they should do something similar for downtown Kingston too. Also for Port Royal! I wonder how those projects to restore downtown Kingston and Port Royal are coming along?

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the event. The pictures above were taken during the float parade which took place earlier in the day.


One Response to “Lime on South Church St.”

  1. A few minor things have been done with Downtown but it still has a long way to go. I work down there close to the waterfront and when I go for a view to relax, I just silently hope it will be restored to its former glory. A lot of people don’t know that Downtown, Rae Town and the east side was the “Stony Hill” of the early days before violence took over Jamaica.

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