Third World Beach Beauty?

Sapphyra posing at the beach
Sapphyra posing at the beach.

I did promise another picture of this phat beauty, didn’t I? (see first pic here). I think that I will be giving you one more picture of this lovely lass, soon and very soon! Enjoy the picture, y’all!

So, let me tell you about the Third World concert! Natty and I went to the concert last night. We saw Mighty Afroditee on the way in, she was telling me how as long as Third World played her song “Reggae Ambassadors”, she would be happy! We didn’t get into the venue until well after things had started so we missed the Philipino band, but we did see the Impulz band from East End. They were decent. I think they need to do three things. They need to get their music down a little tighter and they need to get more active onstage. Move around, strut their stuff, you know? Still, they were decent.

Third World picNext onstage was Third World. (click on pic at left to see a bigger picture) Now peeps, they didn’t start their performance until about 1:00am and it was finished by 2:00am! Kind of short, IMHO, especially for a band with so much skill and talent, and with such a large musical repertoire to draw upon. That aside, though, Third World was EXCELLENT!!! In fact, they were so good that they have started me wondering… will there ever be another band out of Jamaica like Third World again? I think its a fair question, as the schools no longer teach much in the way of music and as all entertainers need nowadays seems to be a computer and a little software to build a catchy riddim, and as people are accepting any trash nowadays as lyrics. 😦

Third World started out in a militant fashion, seemingly castigating Cayman for the recent treatment of Jamaicans over here, with words like “A we build this country!”, and “We don’t take any shit from nobody!” and being interwoven into the lyrics of Afroditee’s song, “Reggae Ambassadors”! (I wonder what she thought of it?) Their lyrics brought a good reaction from the Yardies in the audience and they continued in this vein for awhile. They then went off into some of their more lovey-dovey softies, but this thread of anger at the treatment meted out to their countrymen serfaced severl times more throughout their performance, for example when they sang “He who only thinks of vanity, and cares not for humanity, will fade away… Cayman, we don’t want you to fade away.”.

There were a few more of these, as I said before. I understand the sentiments they were expressing and why they were expressing them but at the same time, I am not sure that their voicing it will help the cause of the Jamaicans here on permits any. They went on in this vein to the point where I was actually wondering if Third World will get a work permit next time they are supposed to come here! I hope so, still, ’cause they were great!

All the musicians were awesome but Cat Coore stood out, giving us some wicked guitar solos that I bet Ratskyn’s lead guitarist would be jealous of if he heard Cat play!

Ruggs voice was as irie as ever, my major complaint being that he didn’t sing enough! There were a number of musical interludes when Ruggs even left the stage! Whats up with that, I wonder? What was he doing off stage, hitting a pipe or something? I didn’t like that aspect of the Third World performance! It is something Ruggs has always done though!

Anyway, heres hoping that they do come back next year, that next year the relationship between Jamaicans and Caymanians is better than it has been recently and that Third World performs for longer next time.

Today is proving to be busy! Though I went to bed at 2:00am, I was up by 8:00am, and off to work for a three hour stint this morning. I will be going back tonight at 7:00pm for a short while and tomorrow in the morning again, hopefully also for a short while. Wish me luck.

Hey, I have been noticing a slowdown in bloggage by most of my Caribbean bloggers… Oonoo give me some hype shyte to read nuh? You know I love it! Anyway, me gone for now. Peace…


4 Responses to “Third World Beach Beauty?”

  1. Mighty Afroditee Says:

    MB: I understand the duration of the concert was all that the concert organisers could afford (Rotary Club of Tropical Gardens), as the band charges by the 1/2 hour. Was pissed at Reggae Ambassador, cuz they did not play the dub version that I love. I was vex stll, but they sexy drummer soothed me πŸ˜‰

    I have fugured out that they are not a band; they are not entertaners, but true musicians.


  2. Didn’t expect anything less from Third World. Kudos on their excellent performance. It sucks the way Cayman is treating the J’Cans who used to take care of them and who are contributing in a meaningful way to the island. I’ve never been there but should be in 2007. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. MB, I uploaded a pic to go with my name but it keep coming up black! Wha mi fi do??

  4. And here I am thinking that you were just being different with the black box. hehe.

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