Happy Belated Halloween!

Little witch out 'trick or treating'So I went with Natty to take MBJr. to go “trick or treating”. They were supposed to go to The Shops at Grand Harbour, where they put on a thing each year where the kids go into the stores and the store owners give them sweets and toys and stuff like that. Unfortunately yesterday was end-of-month and so I had to stay back a little late at my current job, and then I passed through my old workplace to help them to get two transactions posted prior to their end-of-month run as well, so MBJr. got to Grand Harbour a bit late. All de sweetie dem did done!

Not to worry, one of Natty’s friends offered a solution. “Lets go to Websters.”, she said. “Where is Websters?”, we asked. “Where the rich people live, off Walkers Road. They always have plenty sweets! Follow us!”, she replied, and so we did. I actually dropped them off at the top of the road and then I went to Wendy’s because I had eaten only a small, healthy lunch and it was now after 7:00pm and me was ah dead fi hungry! (I was starving!)

I took my grilled chicken sandwich combo back to the top of the road to wait on them and I ate it, but as I sat there, I kept noticing some very big trick or treaters heading down into Websters! I thought I had better investigate, so I drove down into the area.

What a lot of people! Lawks! It reminded me of walking down Princess Street or through Coronation Market in downtown Kingston! People everywhere, on the side walks and in the middle of the street, not caring if there were cars coming or not. I had to be driving like I was in traffic, stopping and starting, swerving to avoid people,pulling over to allow other vehicles to pass… People like ants, I tell you! There were the parents in plain clothes! There were the little kids, all outfitted in pretty costumes, Flash over there, Spiderman under the tree over dehso, a fairy heading out of the driveway on the left, mind you squish her, ah whaddat?! People! Bottom in de road! One tall, slim teen ager, maybe 17 or so, in a short, short, short micro mini, walking and wining and swinging her sweetie bag and her ass, all in time, as though she was chipping down the road to a beat heard only in her head! 😮

“Blood cleat!”, I said to myself. “What are all these teen agers doing out here begging away the sweeties from the kids?”. There were plenty of them too, guys and girls, though only one of the teens was walking around so… uncovered, I guess is the best way to describe it. I hope that girl was careful, bwoy! Imagine if she went into some kinky peoples yard and they just grab her and haul her inside and use her as their treat! 😮

I don’t think the teens should really be out there though, after all, the kids get less sweets because of them, and the magic of the whole thing is really for the kiddies, isn’t it? I wonder if that only happens in the Cayman Islands?

Though that teen was the only one with “bottom in de road”, I did see several young mothers who would do very well on a “M.I.L.F” porn site! Short shorts, small tops, holding little kiddies hands and ushering them from house to house to top up on the loot, and all done while chatting with their friends and/or lovers on their expensive cell phones. Most interesting!

I eventually found Natty and MBJr. at the bottom of the road. He had had his fill of walking, so they climbed into the car and we hightailed it back home. It was definitely an interesting night though, with all kinds of sights, nasty, naughty and nice. 🙂


6 Responses to “Happy Belated Halloween!”

  1. Things were no different in the US. Hordes of people, kids and teens from “foreign” neighborhoods, descended upon my subdivision. When passing the front entrance at around 7:00PM I counted over 40 cars and minivans parked outside the subdivision. Rass! Wha do dem?

    There were hundreds of strangers plying the streets in search of candy. Many many teens aged 15-18 and many of them not even bothering to wear a costume. They simply carry a sack and demand candy.

    There were scantily clad girls and many MILFs to offset the numbers of wanna-be punks. By 8:00PM the candy was done and the masses dispersed.

    Til next year…

  2. I actually forgot to post about our Halloween night, but the boys did collect a bag of candy, which I am still enjoying. Cricket on my mind, West Indies won today.

  3. Yes RI, I know! They are doing well in one day matches… I wonder if it’ll transfer into test matches soon?

  4. Dude?

    You got a life, a wife, a yout a ‘real’ job and 3 blogs –WTF?

  5. Yeah, well, I don’t post to all of them every day… plus I hardly watch TV.

  6. Still doh understand when this Halloween bizniz came into the lives of certain Caribbean households…..

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