Musical Boyshorts…

Earlier today, Natty and I were watching the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown. We do this from time to time.

I like the video by Fergie, “London Bridge“, (Just click on the link, scroll down the page a bit and watch the video) but Natty says she doesn’t like it. I wonder about that though. When I played the video on my PC, she came and stood up beside me and was dancing and singing the words to the song. Do you do that if you don’t like the song? No! By the way, Fergie looks hot, and she looks mighty fine in them there UK colors boyshorts in the video! 🙂

What I don’t understand in this song is what the London Bridge stands for. I mean, I know what the phrase “wanna go down” means, but what the hell is “London Bridge”?

Natty likes the video by Evanescence, “Call me when you’re sober“. Me, I like that song too. I like anything with that sort of hard, guitarsy, rocksy sort of sound, you done know. We both like the video too… Love the wolf/dog, looks pretty. Love the gothic, vampire look. Love the table walking bit where all the crockery flies away when her foot goes anywhere near them. Nice video.

We both like Hinder’s “Lips of an Angel“. Thats stepped up to number three, I think, and we both think its going straight to number one! Actually, this is one of the songs that I brought to Natty’s attention before she brought it up to me… she is always in some kind of competition with me on that, you know? As she always says, “Hey, is me mek you know about that song, you know! Look how you love it now! I have great taste in music, bwoy!”. Well, this time, its my turn. I told her about this one and its great! As Natty says, the guy singing the song looks like he is really feeling something for his ex. He really takes you there, you know. Hey, the girl who plays the current girlfriend in Hinder’s video looks sort of delicious in her boyshorts too, did you notice that?!

You know, I man just love the boyshorts thing, you know! If everything was as I’d like it, Natty would wear nothing but boyshorts around the house! The problem with that is that MBJr. seems to like them too, why this morning he even walked past Natty and slapped her on the ass! Seems its not appropriate to wear them around growing boys! 😦

Oh well, I only have twelve years till he is eighteen and you know say him haffi fend for himself after that and boyshorts ah go run the place red after that! Awoah! 😉

Naw, I am just kidding… Anyway, for all the boyshorts fans out there, see a few hot girls modelling them yah… enjoy!





5 Responses to “Musical Boyshorts…”

  1. Fergie’s definitely de most versatile artiste out there now, as far as I’m concerned — kinda reminds me o’ Gwen Stefani, but Gwen’s been off de scene since she & hubby had their baby. Actually thought for a hilarious second that MB Jr really did smack his mom’s behind — but whew, pleased 2 hear that U’re just kiddin’.

  2. i need a girl that live in u.s.a & she could move me there.
    i live in life is too boooooring.COME ON.

  3. very good

  4. 1st one is fucking hot

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