Game Tonight, Anyone?

I am sitting here sipping on a glass on red wine. Normally I wouldn’t be having this (who am I kidding 😉 ) but tonight I am CELEBRATING!! We had a football game tonight. It was a bit of a surprise for us. So far, all our games in the five-a-side, indoor football tournament have been on a Wednesday. We had all gotten used to that, so it was a bit of a shocker when the captain emailed us at 4:00pm to say that we had a match. Anyway, we managed to wrap our heads around this fact, even though some of us had been out drinking like crazy the night before (i.e. the goalie).

The match was to be against what currently appears to be the first or second placed team in our league too. Plenty of us were expecting to get our ass kicked. After all, we have lost our first two games with scores like 4 – 1 (against Dunder – Mifflin) and 6 – 1 (against Ernst & Young United). Tonight would prove to be different, however.

You see, one of the problems with our previous games has been the fact that we have never played with enough team players yet. Yeah, we have enough players to field the required five on the field and the goalie, but we are allowed 18 players and unlimited changes. We have never had more than ten or eleven players there at a time (though we have 16 players on our roster, several of them never show up for training or to play i matches.), so we don’t have enough players to keep switching out so that we always have our freshest players on the pitch. Our opponents usually have a lot more players than us, so they usually appear fitter out there on the pitch and the goal differences have been at least partially affected by that fact.

We have been negotiating with our captain to drop the players on our roster who haven’t been showing the necessary interest so that we can replace them with players from outside the company, players who would love to play! After all, the rules do not state that the players have to work with the company sponsoring the team, so why not? Tonight, we prevailed in our negotiations with the captain and he allowed us to field two new players, both very skillful and fit and trust me, what a difference they made! Sweeeeettttt!

We played CIBC (who had recently beaten Dunder – Mifflin 11 – 2) and the final score was 8 – 6! No, we weren’t the victorious team, but we fought like lions and we managed to put in 6 of our own.

I managed to put in one of those six, BTW!!! One of the new players saw that I had made an overlapping run for once! He fed me a nice pass which I sidefooted in the direction of the net, being mindful to try to keep it low. It slotted home in the lefthand side pigeon hole! Its a good thing I tried to keep it low! Can you imagine if I had aimed for the pigeon?! 🙂 🙂 )

Now I can’t wait to meet Dunder Mifflin again! 🙂

Perhaps if we had known about the match before 4:00pm today, we may even have won! After all, some of us didn’t have a good day… too much party last night!

Anyway, it was a really exciting game and I plan to put out a lot in training between now and the next match to improve my play, so that next time around I can contribute even more to the outcome!

Special thanks to the Lionesses (our company’s female footie team) and to Bella who came out to cheer us on!

Lionesses, we love oonoo bad and we will be there to cheer you on in the finals of the women’s league which is nearly upon us…


6 Responses to “Game Tonight, Anyone?”

  1. Congrats on de goal:)

  2. Gwaaan my yout’, yu score a goal though man.

  3. Bwoy, I want to tell you! The guys said they were training today too. I went to training and ended up playing in an ill-advised scrimmage game! My feet are hurting like the dickance now! It seems I need a day or two to recover after a game! Cho!

  4. De blue & white jersey looks GOOD. Me woulda kick 2 ball fi dem, if dem gimme de jersey. De fat man inna de middle looks like he’s dancing — if ‘fat man’ is a politically incorrect term, plz substitute ‘weightly challenged’ — this pic makes de matches U write about that much more real.

  5. Wait till I post the pictures of my team’s gear! Those look nice!

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