Good Luck!

Picture of a Blue Iguana

The Blue Iguana is one of those species of animal whose only home is the Cayman Islands and it was bordering on extinction until as recently as five years ago. Since then, a reserve was established where these animals were bred and the young were released into the wild in an effort to get the population restarted.

The people behind this re-population initiative have reported that some of the iguanas released into the wild have reproduced normally! They take this to be a major milestone towards their goal. Apparently three eggs were laid and put in a nest dug into the ground and later they found the nest with only the eggshells left behind. The hatchlings were nowhere to be seen. Personally, I want to wish them the best of luck! After all, the odds against them are high. These little fellows will be targets for birds, cats and dogs, and believe me, the population of feral cats on Grand Cayman is quite high. There are a number of wild dogs too, and all these critters would love to feast on the hatchlings, as well as the grown iguanas as can be seen here. Good luck, little guys!

A photo of Orlando BloomIn other local news, a local guy wrote and directed a movie called “Haven”. (See a couple of clips from the movie here, here and here. Yow, be sure to check out the first clip, that Zoe Saldana looks quite sexy there, star!) The movie was filmed here in Cayman and it stars Bill Paxton, Orlando Bloom and Zoe Saldana! The premiere of the movie will be on Monday night coming (17 Sep 2006), I think, and the stars were supposed to be in attendance for the premiere.

The two pictures here are of Orlando and Zoe. Apparently Orlando Bloom is already on island, he is supposed to be staying at the Ritz Carlton. My sistren Bella from work went there yesterday with a crew of her lady friends to see if they might spot him.

A photo of Zoe Saldana
I was telling Natty she should tag along but she said Orlando didn’t thrill her and that he looked “greasy”, whatever that means. Personally I think she is just trying to throw me off the scent! I remember her telling me that when she just started going out with me I used to look “greasy” a lot of the time too, and look whats happened! She ended up marrying me! I think I am going to have to watch her like a hawk while Orlando is here! đŸ˜‰

Anyway, I think its quite exciting that a local guy wrote this movie and was able to attract such big name stars for it, and was able to find someone to produce it, etc. too… As we say nowadays in Jamaica, I hope the movie “sell off!” Congrats to Frank Flowers (he wrote and directed the movie…). Oh, and good luck too!


One Response to “Good Luck!”

  1. That’s a marvelous break 4 that writer!! That’s like a dream come true. Regardin’ de lizard dem, hmmm … ah can understan’ U wishin’ dem well. Ah guess dem haffe live to’.

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