Still Hot 29 Years Later…

Charlie's Angels photo...

You know, I wrote a little birthday post yesterday at ‘The Mad Bull’s Blog‘ for my bredrin Doctor D, and in that post, I included the pictures of three hot ladies, sort of as a present for the goodly Doctor. Because there were three ladies, and because they were there for one man, it brought back to mind that old TV show ‘The Charlie’s Angels‘ (see more pics of the Angels here), and so I called the ladies in the post ‘Doctor D’s Angels’.

This morning at work, I got a hold of the People Magazine for Sept. 11, 2006 and I saw that the ladies who played the original “Charlies Angels” took part in a tribute to Aaron Spelling who passed recently. Apparently the show was Aaron’s brainchild, amongst a lot of others, and they brought together the casts of a number of his shows in tribute to him at this year’s Emmys.

There was a picture of the ladies who played the original “Angels”, Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith in the magazine, and the story in the magazine gave the ages of the women, and as I read it I was quite surprised! Jaclyn Smith is 60! Farrah Fawcett is 59 and Kate Jackson is 57!!! Yow, suppose you see how the three women look sweet same way! I did a bit of googling to find a picture of them as they looked in the tribute. Trust me, they looked damned good.

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When you have a few shillings, it is probably easier to maintain those youthful looks, but still, they are to be commended, don’t you think?


2 Responses to “Still Hot 29 Years Later…”

  1. Kelly (Jaclyn) was kinda mi favourite — tho ah did feel that Sabrina (Kate) was under-rated (then again Jill [Farrah] was really an all-out superstar hands down). Farrah was like de Chrissy (Susan Somers) of that show — no matter who felt Janet (Joyce DeWitt) was overshadowed by Chrissy, there was just no replacin’ her, like there was really no replacin’ Farrah. Ah guess that proves not all blondes R created equal.

  2. Wow, they do look great for 60, 59 & 57. I wonder if any surgery was involved. 🙂

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