Sonny Eclipse

A picture of 'Sonny Eclipse', a robot entertainer at Disney World's Magic Kingdom Resort

Here is Sonny Eclipse. He is a singer, he sounds like Frank Sinatra or something like that. He entertained us while we devoured some very ordinary food in a restaurant at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I quite liked Sonny, I did! He almost made up for the food. 🙂

So what else a gwaan? Not much to tell you… Cho, this post will just have to be categoried under the heading “Idle Shyte!”, because all I have to tell you right now is about a thought that crossed my mind today. While driving to my favourite Indian restaurant for lunch today, I noticed that there were only three cruise ships in the harbour today. .. you know, I wrote a couple of posts back on my other blogs about the awful congestion of the streets when there were six or seven ships in, and I remember praising whoever it was who made the decision to cut back on the number of cruiseships in the harbour at any one time, but nowadays, I miss those times, Rasta!

When there were all of seven ships in the Harbour, the place felt bustling, you know, lively and exciting… plus, there were many, many more hot young woman walking around all over downtown George Town in skimpy bikinis, and I am sure I am not alone when I say that this was a good thing! (* sigh… *) 😐

Maybe we could go back to that sort of situation once a week or something, you know! Perhaps on Fridays, and maybe on those days we should allow the ships to stay overnight, so that enterprising single young people can meet some hot new men and women in the clubs! Thats also a good thing, innit? Gets to be a bummer if you’re always seeing the same people in the clubs, you know! What do you think?


One Response to “Sonny Eclipse”

  1. De Immigrant Says:

    Yes I saw that crooner in the Disney cafeteria last year. He gave an otherwise ordinary caf a kind surreal feel! And him cyan sing too. The food in there was junk though, but I guess they know they have to sell exactly what little kids love to eat.

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