M.B. the Athlete!

Coo pon di six pack nuh!

Whew! I played a little squash last night (I’m just starting), and this evening it was volleyball on the beach after work… trust me people, I have been getting quite sporty recently! Anyway, I have a long way to go, I have to improve my fitness levels bigtime and I need to take off a pound or twenty, but a nuh nutten! No worries, before you look round you will hear that I am going to be in the Olympics running the marathon or something! 😉

Of course you know I am just kidding on that last bit, but the squash and the volleyball wicked for true! I want to keep them up still. I hope my knees and ankles hold up under the pressure, you know they were giving me all kinds of trouble when I was jogging down the place in the past. I am also supposed to play some football tomorrow and Sunday, the Lord knows if I will be able to manage after, because I don’t but we shall see…

Hey, Mighty Afroditee, if you ever do read this, guess what? I went swimming in the twilight again! Don’t feel no way though, I wouldn’t stay in the sea past full darkness. I wasn’t tricking you when I told you that I don’t deal with the sea in the night at all…. I don’t like the idea of predators all around me and I can’t even see them. No sah! Not me!

Anyway, I decided I would post a little ting for the ladies. Check out the six pack pon that mofo up deh nuh? Notice how him have the dawta ah penetrate his lyrics! Yow, if my six pack was so impressive back in the day, well, me woulda did MURDAH dem too, just like this yute looks as though him a try… Anyway, let me wash out my eyes before you see the red eye a bawl out! Jealousy is not a nice emotion, ah lie?

Still, maybe if I stick to all these sports, and if I slot in some abdominals daily and if I cut out the wine and the rum and cut down on some of the shyte I eat, maybe, just maybe abdominals like those above are not beyond me… … …

Aww, who am I kidding? I’ll just settle for losing 15 lbs and three inches off my waist! Yes, rasta, thats all I need!

Gentlemen, I doh forget oonoo either. Click pon the link below to prips up this HOT, HOT, HOT native of Guyana!

Christine hails from Guyana

Rasta, when me see dah dawta deh, all me coulda say was “BUMBO CLAWT!!!” :0

As Mr. Chams woulda say “Rah Rah Rah Rah!!!!”.

Anyway, one little thunderstorm ah descend pon poor little Cayman and pon poor Compi, so ah gone me gone!


One Response to “M.B. the Athlete!”

  1. That’s the prettiest girl I’ve seen you guys post so far. I think. Hmm, so yu kill two bird with one stone eh? something for the girls and something for you men. Hehe.

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