Black Faces…

Some stuff decorating the wall of the 'formal' dining room at Seven's house...

So I have taken many photos of Seven’s and Midas’ home. Why not? It pretty nuh ra$$, it gives me something to aspire and perspire towards… still, I am not going to share most of them with oonoo on the blog, because its their private business. The picture above I am going to share though. It is of some faces hung on the wall in the ‘formal’ dining room. (you know, those pretty dining rooms that rarely, if ever, get used, except to host a really important dinner for mega-important clients, once in a millenium or something)

Anyway, these ‘faces’ say something to me. I don’t know for sure if they are African or not, but they bring to mind the words of a song, a song sung by a long dead band in Jamaica, back went I was in my early teens, say thirteen or fourteen. Maybe I was a bit younger, even.

I liked that band a lot, they were a sort of rock/reggae type band, ie. they had the usual drum & bass stuff, but then they had some lead guitar solos and thing… the band was peopled by some brown people from uptown Kingston, perhaps thats why they didn’t make it. The time was not right for such a band back then. The name of the band was “Native”. One of the band’s members now lives in Grand Cayman, if I am not mistaken, and he runs an I/T consulting firm that is pretty well known and successful on the island.

The part of the lyrics that ran through my mind on seeing the faces on the wall went something like this:

Black faces,
black races,
black traces in time,
The wind cannot carry
Black tracks
from black minds.

Of course, the song went on and said some more, but I don’t remember what that was now. Still, the song sounded pretty good to me. Another cut on the album that I liked was a number that opened with the following words:

Rock stone
ah river bottom,
nah get no sun, no!

I liked that one as well, as evidenced by the fact that I remember the opening lyrics almost thirty years after! Its interesting sometimes what you have running around in your mind, isn’t it? I wonder what else that band would have done if they had managed to get past that first album…


2 Responses to “Black Faces…”

  1. Hi Bro,

    The masks are my thing. they are African masks – I love African art and the symbolism of history and culture. They are also a symbol of who we are, in that this type of thing I don’t usully see in formal dining rooms, so since Midas and I are far from formal, i loved them for this room. Anyway, if you can believe it, likkle man considering, Midas made me get rid of a couple that he thought were ‘too evil-looking’ 😀 So this display is what I’m left with.

  2. Too evil looking? My Gosh!

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