I Still Love You

“Woke up this morning and found you gone…
Ohh woah…
But the love that I have inside me lingers on,
Woh oh oh, baby,
Why did you go away?

Time changes everything,
Woh oh oh, the best the world can bring,
but I… still… love you!
One life, a million tears,
and yet through all the years,
I… still… love you!”


For some reason, this song was going through my head this morning… no, Natty hasn’t left me, so thats not it. I really liked this song back in the day though, as well as some others done by Chalice. I think they were a pretty good group. With proper management, maybe they would have bus’ out! I remember all the girls used to love off Wayne Armond, who sung lead vocals on the song above. Natty says he was hot in the 70’s to 80’s… implying that the rude bwoy isn’t hot now. Cho, I guess his look would be sort of retro now. I bet if he trimmed up and got a shave and got up-to-date a bit, some young gyals would still swoon over him.

You know, over the years we have had a number of bands/singers who were not really hardcore dancehall or reggae, and I thought they were/are pretty good, but they just haven’t managed to bus’. I think thats a pity. We need some good managers to take up bands like these, you know, get some top flight music written for them and have them promoted properly… then maybe we would be known for more than just reggae and dancehall. I am not knocking reggae OR dancehall, mind you. I love ’em! It just that Yard is richer than just that!


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