What a Stress!

Bwoy, it were really a rough day today. First, an application that I wrote to interface between two of our enterprise applications wouldn’t start up. When I checked it out, the directory housing the application’s files seemed to have just gone missing! I checked the Operations guys if they had a recent backup of the server and got a response that the server had been causing the nightly enterprise backup to fail for the past few days and so it had been “removed from the backup.” 😮

After that shock, a procedure was run against the wrong database in error! Most of it had no effect, but a data file ended up getting added to a tablespace in error and I had to find out how to get it removed. Next up, I had to create a test database and set up a test version of the application that used it too!

While I was “knee deep” in the muck resulting from these three problems, Natty called to say that MBJr., who had been having a fever on and off since yesterday, was sent to the hospital by the doctor to undergo tests to ascertain if part of his problems were the result of him suffering from fucking acute appendicitis! 😮

This post continues below…

You know the work just got fucked! I just chucked all of that and headed over to the hospital. Luckily it seems MBJr is NOT suffering from appendicitis! Still, the poor little chap had much to endure! Do you know that they couldn’t find his vein to take the blood?! They were there poking round and around in his arm with the needle and not a drop of blood in sight! He cried, he cried, he cried! Thank God though, he didn’t have the appendicitis! I went back to work at about 04:00pm because I had to resolve the datafile problem.

When I got there, I saw that when the Operations team “rebooted” the server with the missing directory, it “miraculously” reappeared and the application started up as though there had never been a problem! Thank God for that too.

After that, I found an easy solution to the erroneously added datafile problem after just a few minutes of research! Big ups to the father for that too!

Unfortunately, after that the users caught me! They had encountered an error in posting a transaction, and they wanted me to correct the problem. I had to contact Tech. Support in India, and the problem STILL isn’t resolved! Anyway, I managed to get home by 7:00PM.

Now all I have to do is to set up the test instance of the application, get the transaction posting problem resolved and continue working on some web pages that I really hope to have finished by Saturday, because the Managing Director wants to start using the webapp ASAP!

You can see that I am a mite busy, nuh true? Ah nuh nutten doah! MBJr. doesn’t have appendicitis! God is good indeed! 🙂

Ok, this movie below has nothing to do with my day, but I came across it and I thought that it was a pretty good routine, well thought out and executed, so I thought I should link it for you all to see.

OKGO – Here it goes again

Run the movie, trust me! It wicked, Rasta. Thanks to Home Girl for the link and big up to YouTube.com as always, thanks for all the interesting content!


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