Tonight, Tonight

Tonight was a good night, I’d say. Instead of me sitting in front of the computer all night while MBJr. sits in front of the television and Natty lies in her bed shuffling and dealing her cards all night long, we went to look at a gym which we have been thinking of joining.

It was exciting for us all. For me, because of all the activity, and watching the indoor soccer game between Cable & Wireless and some company named Russells Top Spot. (I was actually cheering (mentally, of course) for the Russells team, because I know one of the players.)

MBJr. was all excited because they had all these arcade games there and he got to play ’em, and Natty, well, she was excited (I guess thats you would call it) because she thought some of the women there were giving me the once over and then they were checking her out, like she was the competition, you know? “Hey, I will kill the two of them, you know!!!”, she kept saying…

After the gym we went to the beach… Yeah, the beach! Can you believe it?! Me who has always said I refuse to swim in the sea at night! Not to worry, I didn’t swim!

There was a full moon night out tonight and Natty has been clamouring to go to the beach on a night when the full moon is out for awhile now! Since we were on the road already, I decided to facilitate her. It was pretty decent still. It was cool, in fact a nice little breeze was floating through. There was a fair amount of light and we stood on the sand and watched as a bunch of younger folk frolicked in the water. MBJr and Natty eventually decided to do some wading in the surf (though I don’t call it wading when even your shirt gets wet, MBJr!) and fun was had by all. We plan to do it again, but next time we plan to have someone babysit MBJr. and we plan to take some rum / red wine with us and just enjoy ourselves, as a couple, you know. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get jiggy on the beach! 😉

Thats one of the things I love about Grand Cayman, you know! If I was back in Jamaica, wild horses couldn’t DRAG me to the beach in the night! Next thing some man out deh a wait with some M-16! No way, sah! 😦

On the way home, I stopped and bought a little bit of ice cream, not a lot, just a skench! Yeah, I know, I am being bad, but I have been feeling for ice cream since over the weekend, so at least I held out this long!

Yeah… its a good night. I hope that we do join the gym, that we do keep up the exercise and that we keep doing more active stuff instead of just chilling in the house at night. You only live once, you know, and just for a short time. Who knows if the afterlife will have as many cool hangout spots?


4 Responses to “Tonight, Tonight”

  1. Night beach is relatively safe in Mobay, I gather. Very popular with the natives I’m told by one ex-native.

  2. Gela, yeah, the night beach is relatively safe in Negril, but it’s the fear in the back of your mind that you really can’t shake.
    It’s like sometimes I’m here in Miami at a party–the vibe is great–and I am reminded of Jamaica and I wish the party could have been in Jamaica. And then reality hits. The party in Jamaica would have to have security with guns and bad dogs and you don’t even know if you own security going sell you out and if everybody going make it home safe.
    I love the feeling when I am in Jamaica, but too much bad man making us live in fear. And I’m not talking from ideas. I’ve had guns stuck in my chest by police and thieves.
    No one should have to live like that

  3. sounds like fun

  4. […] Hey, remember I mentioned that I went to the gym the other night and was watching an exciting game of football? Well, the final match of that five-a-side football league was held the other night and bwoy, am I sorry that I missed it! […]

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